We provide good quality music education in Mississauga, ON, both in-person and ONLINE to students by blending the pleasure and the joy of music-making with sound instruction in using the  Music for Young Children program, Royal Conservatory of Music's Classical study, and the   Conservatory of Canada's Contemporary study.


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Our Teaching Goals:

Piano playing skills
Note & Sight Reading
Music History & Theory
Harmonizing a melody line
Composition & Conducting
Rhythms with Ear Training

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"Ms. Esther is a great music teacher! Kids enjoy each moment in the class especially with her method of teaching music which includes songs, dancing and stories told. In the class Music is not just about learning notes, it's about spending time enjoying music and simply introduce the new lesson. The studio is really nice! Thanks miss Esther, she is amazing and all kids love her."

(Valera Mikhail, mother of two Level 1 students.)