Meet Ms. Esther
Ms. Esther's Music Background:
  • RCM® Advanced Specialist - Piano designation
  • Music for Young Children® Certified teacher
  • Grade 10 RCM® 
  • BMath, Honor (Music) 
  • Choir director-conductor
  • Rock Band Keyboard player performed internationally

Royal Conservatory of Music Certified Teacher

"The teacher is knowledgeable in the field of music and piano and has a good teaching style for the students to easily follow and understand. The teacher took extra efforts and an additional 1:1 for the students who were taking the theory and practical exams. This really paid off and helped all the students in the final score. Kudos to the teacher for a job well done." (Elizabeth Vaidhyan, parents of Level 8 & Level 6)

Music has been the passion in my life and I love interacting with children.  I am happy to be part of your child's musical training, one that will last a lifetime.

"A research team exploring the link between music and intelligence reported that music training is far superior to computer instruction in dramatically enhancing children's abstract reasoning skills, the skills necessary for learning math and science." (Shaw, Raushcer, Levine, Wright, Dennis and Newcomb).

All my beginner students go through the Music for Young Children® program. It is a FUN and comprehensive program that builds a solid foundation for children to enjoy music for the rest of their life!! After teaching for so many years, I learned that MYC® bridges the gap between keyboard and theory at the beginning stage of their music experience, so the children can enjoy their instruments in a broader sense right away. Their musicianship will be built successfully based on the tools given by this program.  Music is not just about learning an instrument, but a language that needs to be loved and understood.   

 "The Music for Young Children® program has to be counted as the dominant force in the musical training of young children in Canada today.  Many of the new students arriving each year in my studio are graduates of Music for Young Children®. They arrive superbly prepared and well-motivated for further study.  MYC® teachers have found the right balance. They successfully blend the pleasure and joy of music-making with the rigour of a well-crafted pedagogical progression." (Marc Widner, Chief Examiner Emeritus, Royal Conservatory® Music Examinations) 

After MYC®, the advanced students can continue into the Classical idiom with the Royal Conservatory of Music OR the Contemporary idiom with the Conservatory of Canada.  

The choices of idiom can ensure the student's interest in their continuation of the musical journey.   
 For more information, please feel free to call me at (416) 816-3142 or

"Mrs. Esther's way of attracting the kids’ attention shows in her dedication and honesty in delivering the music lessons to all kids. The Studio is well equipped and all musical equipment is clean and in very good condition."
(Rafik Naim, parent of  MYC's Moonbeams 3 & Level 2 students)