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A Place where Music is fun and engaging!

"I am so happy that I discovered Music for Young Children. It is a remarkable program–I never could have guessed that such a child-centred curriculum would produce such amazing results. Though my children are very different, they both learned so much through what seemed to them like songs, play and games. And Esther’s role in making the studio a place of both fun and learning can’t be understated. In 8 years of classes with Esther, I never heard “I don’t want to go to music class today”. I highly recommend both Esther and MYC. Participate with enthusiasm and you’ll be rewarded with results!" (Tina Burden, parent of GR5 & GR3 students)

It's been an exciting time!

The studio has gone through a major renovation to prepare for possible in-person classes when it's safe to do so. 

We will stay online until further notices.
Here are some photos of the renovation progress:

Studio Location:
Tacc Drive, Mississauga, Ontario L5M 0A9
(Located just West of Winston Churchill and Tacc/Duncairn)

Inside The Studio

  • 3 digital pianos, 1 upright acoustic piano, & 1 touch-sensitive keyboard.  It's important for piano students to expose to different types of finger action.
  • Plenty of different rhythmic instruments available.
  • Puzzles and music-related games. Collection of teaching aids that help them in learning their music.
  • MIDI accompaniment to aid in their music ensemble experience.
  • A bathroom conveniently located in the studio.
  • It is a comfortable and colourfully decorated learning environment.
  • Can accommodate up to 4 children and 4 adults.  So individual attention can be given to each child.

"The teacher is very enthusiastic and kept the students engaged the entire hour. Nice studio, easy access, great pianos/keyboards for student use. " (Nancy Pang, parent of Sunbeams 3 student)